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The following are only a few of the helpful publications available from Nicotine Anonymous. Brochures are generally available at no cost at Nicotine Anonymous meetings, though some meetings may charge for them. Books are typically sold at cost. A complete list of publications, in multiple languages, is available at the Nicotine Anonymous World Services Website.

All publications are Copyrighted © 2001-2016 Nicotine Anonymous World Services Dallas, TX.

Nicotine Anonymous: The Book

Read selected chapters for Step study and Traditions study.

12 Steps

Principles of recovery for the nicotine addict.

12 Traditions

Principles of organization for Nicotine Anonymous as a whole.

Introducing Nicotine Anonymous

An introduction to Nicotine Anonymous including many frequently asked questions.

How Nicotine Anonymous Works:

Honesty, Openness, and Willingness

Nicotine Anonymous: The Program and The Tools

An overview of the tools used by our members.

To the Newcomer and Sponsorship in Nicotine Anonymous

A helpful overview of our program, principles and sponsorship.

Are You Concerned About Someone Who Smokes or Chews Tobacco?

Helpful information for the friends and family of nicotine addicts.

Tips for Gaining Freedom From Nicotine

A Helpful list of suggestions and tips that can be used prior to quitting nicotine use.

A Nicotine User's View of the Twelve Steps

One person's views on how the Steps can help anyone attain freedom from nicotine.

Facing the Fatal Attraction

Facts about nicotine, addiction and the effects of nicotine and smoking to our health and the others that are exposed to second hand smoke.

To the Dipper and Chewer

Nicotine addiction is not limited to smoking. This pamphlet addresses the mind set and dangers of smokeless tobacco and provides hope for the dipper and chewer.

Abstinence - What is it?

Abstinence: the state when all use of nicotine ceases. Useful facts about our fellowship's history and how our program relates to the use of nicotine in all of its forms.

The Serenity Prayer For Nicotine Users

Helpful insights on using the Serenity Prayer as a tool to get past nicotine cravings and stressful situations. The prayer can turn a negative situation into an exercise in faith that can last a lifetime.

Our Promises

An inspirational look at what promises are being fulfilled every day by Nicotine Free members.

Nicotine Anonymous Slogans

To Help Us Be Happy, Joyous and Free Living Without Nicotine.

Our Policy of Openness

Spirituality in Nicotine Anonymous is available to all comers. Nicotine Anonymous welcomes members of all beliefs and/or lack thereof.

World Services, My Intergroup, and Me

An overview of Nicotine Anonymous World Services and Intergroups, and the service structure of the fellowship.

Introducing Nicotine Anonymous to the Medical Profession

A pamphlet for the medical professional about our program.

Third Step Prayer

Ask for guidance beyond your own best thinking.

Seventh Step Prayer

Ask for the willingness to see your defects of character and to grow beyond them.